The transportation department is performing an update to their system, so the transportation route information displayed within the system is as of 3/10/15. If you are new to the District or have a change in your address after 3/10/15 and need to verify the route information, please contact the Transportation department at (512-428-2450). We apologize for any inconvenience to anyone potentially impacted during the transition period. Beginning Saturday, May 2 in the afternoon ​Home Access Center​ will ​ open to a calendar view that shows current averages for the marking period and attendance and assignments for the current week. Home Access Center Version 3.1 requires Internet Explorer Version 9,10 or 11, Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers. Internet Explorer Version 8 is no longer supported. If you are having difficulty with the website once you are logged into Home Access Center, you may need to clear your cache.
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